2021 The Coloring Book


05.31.2021 – 08.31.2021

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Performance Exclusivity:

through 10.01.2023

Consortium Commission

You are invited to join a consortium of open instrumentation performers in commissioning Emily McPherson for five new works for solo open instrumentation. The works will be playable on wind, brass, and string instruments.  

The Coloring Book will include 5 works ranging from 5-10 minutes in length each. These pieces focus on the concept of performer choice via structured improvisation, various timbral techniques, expression, and gestures. These works can be played as stand-alone works, a whole, or in any combination. Each work will be paired with an artwork by Louanne Headrick. As performers, you will have the opportunity to “paint” your own picture of what each work means to you.  

Louanne likes to say that “every artist has their own mood. You can see it in their work – – an individual handprint, a unique stroke, a unique aura….” 

Consortium members will receive occasional updates during the composition process, and Emily invites any feedback and commentary from consortium members as she composes the works.  

For questions or comments, please email Emily at
emilymcpherson.composer@gmail.com. You can also listen through and peruse work samples of Emily’s previous solo music here

Consortium Benefits

Performance Exclusivity 

  • All consortium members will retain performance exclusivity for the book until October 1st, 2023. No one else will be able to purchase or perform the works before that date.   


  • Your name will be listed as a commissioner in all versions of the scores and book.  

Composition Updates 

  • As a consortium member, you will receive regular updates on the compositional progress of the works and have opportunities to offer feedback and comments.  


  • Hard copy and digital copy sent upon completion of the book

Join In

Consortium members may join in one of two ways:

Student/Supporter $35

Defined as someone currently enrolled at an institution of higher education, someone who infrequently performs music, or someone who would just like to support this project. 

Professional $60

Defined as someone who professionally makes a living performing music. 

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About Emily and Louanne

Emily McPherson is a composer currently based in State College, Pennsylvania. Her work includes a wide variety of instrumentation across different styles including solo, large and small chamber ensembles, large ensembles, and electronics via fixed media and live electronics. Her work is primarily influenced by external media such as the visual arts, environment, poetry/written text, and a connection to physical space and time.  

For more information, see here.  

Louanne Jennings Headrick is an artist, an art teacher, a published writer, a licensed Spiritual Practitioner, and a Registered Nurse. She is a Signature and Life member of the Florida Watercolor Society and a current member of the Tarpon Springs Art Association of Florida.

Louanne’s art pieces range over several mediums but she has taught water media at the Art League of Bonita Springs, Naples Art Association and Citrus County Center for the Arts. Awards are treasured but she is most proud of being published in “Splash – The Best of Watercolor”, an international watercolor series of books.

Her works can be found in private collections in several states as well as Canada and Israel.

For Architectural Design, Louanne won a national award for best commercial building presented by Bethlehem Steel Corporation in 1983.

A retrospective was celebrated in Naples, Florida in 2005 where fifty five pieces of Louanne’s art were displayed including oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and pottery.